Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flying Moleskins - Camille, Richard and Matisse's Open Window

acrylic on paper
7"x 10 (2-pages)

For Camille Olsen, who's journal theme is peace.  Must be the tropical heat here in Maryland, because my colors got away from me and turned all lime and melon and banana, and I swear I'm hearing Calypso music. Camille and her husband are standing near a very rough rendition of my favorite Matisse painting. (Yep, more sailboats).  My apologies to the Olsens if I'm not close to a likeness. We haven't met, but rumor has it, both have wicked senses of humor and that they are a colorful and fun-loving pair.

Thanks for all of your comments on the last post.  I appreciate it!

Peace out ;-)