Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wildlife- The Flying Moleskins

acrylic on gessoed paper
ea. panel 5 x 8"

These are my pages in James Parker's journal for the Flying Moleskins project. James' theme is wildlife. We have lots of deer and bunnies in Maryland, and LOTS of snow right now. I found a reference photo from Danish photographer Tanja Askani, who has heart-warming shots of this orphaned deer who befriended a wild rabbit at a refuge center. I love it when nature shows us how to get along.

The colt is one of the wild horses who are sheltered on Assateague Island off the Atlantic coast of Maryland and Virginia. In the summer, some of the horses are herded, and swim to Chincoteague, Virginia for auction. More of the story is on the National Park Service's site. One of my favorite books from childhood is Margeurite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone...snuggle up to someone you love --human or otherwise! ;-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Seeing Red (redux)

oil on gessoed paper
11" x 15"

Some of you may recognize this young woman from an earlier post from April. I resurrected her this past weekend to get my painting muscles going again. My friend Barbara graciously traded homes with me for a few days...a gift beyond measure as her beautiful home came equipped with a working studio and a gorgeous view of fields and mountains. My home came with Mom, a cat and two active dogs to care for. I spent a weekend painting hats of various shapes and color--black porkpie, blue knit, bright green with orange flower (I'm not kidding). Then I'd wipe it all out. I finally changed the background and her clothing, and returned to this odd headgear that's not too far from April's version. She's almost done. Thanks to Barbara for the much-needed respite, and to friends Pam and Mark for their hospitality on Sunday. Much appreciated!